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Get ready to embark on a captivating musical journey with KiMiKus, a dynamic jazz duo that blends the resonant sounds of Prof. Mikelius' (Miguel Ângelo) mesmerizing double bass with the vocals of the enigmatic Dr. K (Kiko Pereira).

With their musical interactions and innovative approach, KiMiKus is pushing the boundaries of contemporary jazz, drawing inspiration from various musical influences. Their compositions are an intriguing fusion of classic jazz elements infused with contemporary textures, experimental indie, pop, and spoken word.

Miguel Ângelo's mastery of the double bass is inspiring. With intricate melodies, deep bass lines, and extraordinary improvisational skills, he weaves a musical matrix that forms the backbone of every KiMiKus performance. His art adds depth and complexity to the duo's sound, captivating the audience with each nuanced note.

Complementing Miguel's instrumental prowess is Kiko Pereira's velvety voice. Possessing a remarkable vocal range and a commanding stage presence, Kiko effortlessly conveys the deep emotions embedded in his lyrics that explore the complexities of life, the passage of time, and everyday stories, offering a unique perspective that invites introspection.

Album release Showcases:

> 2 Maio, 18h30 - Casa Comum da Reitoria - Porto
> 3 Maio, 21h30 - Maison 826 - Braga
> 4 Maio, 17h30 - Livraria Inquietação - Cabeceiras de Basto
> 9 Maio, 21h30 - Quebra Costas - Coimbra
> 10 Maio, 18h30 - Livraria ULMEIRO - Lisboa
> 11 Maio, 21h00 - Teatro Lethes - Faro

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The Music

The duo presents their debut album “Modus Novos” on May 2, 2024. A sublime collection of poetic compositions, illustrated with a mini story in the form of a comic strip created with photos by Anabela Trindade and drawings by Yasmin Machado .

Recorded at Casa do Miguel studio on April 3rd and 4th, 2023, by Miguel Ângelo, with the support of Omnisonic International.
Produced by: Miguel Ângelo, Kiko Pereira and Nelson Carvalho.
Mixed and Mastered by Nelson Carvalho.

Illustrations by Yasmin Machado over photos by Anabela Trindade and text by Kiko Pereira. Graphic arrangement by Maria Mónica..

It is now available on the main digital platforms (Spotify).



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Some teasers and videos from KiMiKus.

Vídeo by Alberto Almeida

KiMiKus - Jazz is dying (slowly) - TEASER #2
Vídeo by Alberto Almeida

KiMiKus - KiMiKus - Do you feel alive? - TEASER #1
Vídeo by Alberto Almeida


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